Freezing Tomatoes


While everyone is busy canning tomatoes, I’m freezing them. Why? Because I’m incredibly lazy and in denial; hence purchasing an enormous bushel of tomatoes with the expectation of canning all 54,681 of them. It’s also important to add that I do this every single year. Not only is canning a huge time suck, it’s messy and often dangerous. That’s my excuse, because honestly, caning freaks my shit out.

Stewing Tomatoes isn’t Rocket Science so I’ll Break it Down into Bullet Points

  • Blanch tomatoes until the skin splits. The time depends on how many tomatoes you have in the pot so my rule is: as soon as it splits, take that shit out.
  • Some people let their boiling hot tomatoes cool before they skin them but I have zero patience for that. I run one under cold water, skin it, cut out the green nipple and throw that hot bastard in a large pot.
  • Once you have a full pot of tomatoes, add salt and stew for an hour.
  • Let cool and double bag your batches. Sometimes I let the pot sit for 24 hours for more flavour. 

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