New Orleans, Getting There

This Pretty Much Sums up my Trip to New Orleans

2013-02-14 23.58.46

I have no idea where to start! I suppose since this is a food blog I should just stick to food but in all honesty, I didn’t eat that much in New Orleans. Granted, we were only there for 3.5 days and since we hit the tail end of Mardi Gras, we mostly drank. Peach Sangria Daiquiris and brown bagged tall cans were my staple. Being from Toronto, it was so liberating to put a fat ass can of beer in a fitted brown bag then drink it wherever I wanted. In and out of bars, hotels, down the street – wherever.

On Monday, our flight was delayed an hour and our new plane was TINY, making the flight longer. But we had booze, so we were entertained – mostly by turbulence/screams and the drunk people behind us pissing off the old people who were constantly shooting them stink eye.

2013-02-11 18.12.07

When we arrived in NOLA, we waited over an hour for my luggage which apparently was still in Toronto but arriving the next day. At this point we were parched so we hopped in a cab to our hotel but were dropped off four blocks away because there was a huge parade so we couldn’t cross the street. Really, it could have been worse. So we grabbed some beer and caught some beads – Happy Mardi Gras!

2013-02-11 21.26.41

After a while we were pretty exhausted so we asked a police officer to let us through and he kindly did. Well actually a super drunk/cracked out lady helped us get through by yelling at said police officer. After we checked in it was pretty late so we roamed around our neighbourhood (Warehouse District) for a bit and grabbed some red beans and rice then hit the sack to get some rest for Fat Tuesday.


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