New Orleans, Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday

We woke up early and headed to St. Charles Street, where the parade started at 10AM. We stopped for a big breakfast which was nothing special, but it was a wonderfully bizarre beginning to what would be one of the most visually stimulating days of my life. While sipping coffee by the window we watched hoards of people walk by in costumes that rarely ever made sense. At first the street was quiet; a few grungy fairies glided by on their pink, vintage bikes. A group of foxes in top hats and trench coats crossed the street while a man with Q-Tips pinned all over his onesie rollerbladed by. Then the Southern Belles came out, escorted by their Gentlemen walking beside a group of fat, bearded men dressed in drag and pink bob cut wigs. The crowd grew larger by the minute, adorned in feather boas, sparkled tutus, painted faces and beads – lots and lots of beads.

We followed the crowd to Canal Street where we grabbed a Hurricane on the street. It was strong, I’m not sure I liked it – obviously.

photo (6)

The crowd was building but the parade had not begun so we crossed the street and walked to the French Quarter. These assholes below were everywhere. The only entertaining part about them being there was that NO ONE paid any attention to them. It was pretty intense for me to witness because I’ve never experienced this type of “preaching” before and it was horrible and hateful.

2013-02-12 11.20.22

Then all this shit happened

photo (5)

2013-02-12 11.57.45

photo (1)

photo (3)

After spending the morning in the Quarter and early afternoon in a pub we checked out the parade. This is my favourite pic of the day, it completely depicts the atmosphere of the parade. We had such a blast. But I have to admit at this point, I wanted new clothes as my luggage still had not arrived! I had no makeup and no change of clothes which explains the psycho scarf wrapped around my head and frizzy fro.

2013-02-12 15.02.46

We didn’t get many beads at this parade because we were so far back but be warned: these beads hurt! I had bruises all over my arms from people whipping them at me. Some of them are really heavy and one hit a lady in the head and made her bleed. I started freaking out and tried to help her but had to leave because they thought I was super weird.

2013-02-12 15.02.24

After the parade we stumbled back to the hotel to see if my luggage arrived (which it hadn’t) rest and grab a bite to eat. I wanted to go to Mother’s but there was a huge line up (everyday) and we were too hungry to wait so we went to Mulate’s. I had the Zydeco Gumbo with okra, and Jamie had Jambalaya. The food was excellent but the service was awful. At first I thought most service we received in NOLA was too slow, but after a while I realized that’s the culture – it is the Big Easy. I’m from Toronto, we like shit fast or NOW, it’s actually a bit obnoxious. Still, the service at Mulate’s was straight up awful and the menu was overpriced for the atmosphere.

photo (1)

photo (7)

2013-02-12 21.39.49

Floor Beads! We went back to The French Quarter and there were so many beads on the ground we were almost gliding across the street on them/tripping all over the place. People from the balconies were throwing us beads all night and we drank – a lot.


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