Miso Dressing for Anything

I made so much fun of my father last summer when he took vegetarianism quite literal and served Tracy an enormous bowl of raw veggies and spinach dip after I informed him she doesn’t eat meat. But lately, I can relate to him. Eliminating meat and cheese from my diet has been more challenging than I thought. The overwhelming part is the endless research. I could just buy a bunch of veggie burgers and be done with it but because I’m a weirdo and get hives from packaged food, I’m trying to eat as clean as possible. I thought I knew a lot about food in general but this shit is a whole new world – I spent hours yesterday reading about nutritional yeast which spiralled me into a brief but constructive existential crisis.

I have the tendency, when inspired, to engulf myself in endless recipes then fail to decide what to actually cook for dinner – I want to try everything. So I’ve started simple by making quinoa bowls (cook it like rice, blam!) with lots of vegetables. For added flavour instead of soy sauce, I made Miso Dressing adapted from Jules Clancy. She cooks clean and her recipes are amazing. I revised the portion because I cook for one but it served two meals.



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