Eat Salad or Die

I had to edit this post. I got a lot of slack from friends for being too self-deprecating – even though that’s always been the foundation of my humour. Also, I’ve really been thinking and talking to some people about the “diet” I’ve adopted over the years. Maybe my weight gain isn’t solely contributed to my lack of discipline; perhaps I have been too hard on myself. Boo.

The Story Goes:

I’ve never had an issue finding inspiration to do mostly anything, besides camping, my issue is finding the motivation to keep doing things, especially if they are good for me. I have my theories as to why but since 2012 has passed (Thank God) I’ve developed a new lease on life. That and Miss. Motivation came looking for me the other day. Turns out she is one funny/homicidal broad – I like that. I was walking to the food court for a salad and I started to convince myself that if I substituted noodles with more veg I could get my favourite pork and wonton soup for lunch when a hard hat dropped 20 stories from a building and landed at my feet.

 OK, I get it – eat salad or die! So in light of recent events I’ve compiled a list of lifestyle rules that I’ve loosely been following for the past few years and hopefully I can now stick to them because I’m pretty sure my neighbours hear me scream cry myself out of bed every morning (hey, it’s been a weird couple of years) and if I die from construction equipment falling from the sky, I’ll be pissed.

I did publish that list but the more I read it, the more I wondered – is this lifestyle working? The answer is, no. I’ve been on a low carb, high protein diet including lots of meat and way too much dairy, specifically cheese for at least 8 years. So out of curiosity, over the next 30 days I’m going to reverse this diet. I’m eliminating meat and cheese but allowing myself fish and eggs. I already drink lots of water, eat fruit and vegetables. I haven’t been eating red meat because my body hates it and because of unidentified food allergies, I avoid food from boxes and cans unless I can read the ingredients, so I don’t think this will be too hard.

This is the terrifying part: I will introduce more carbs into my diet. If you have read my blog then you know that carbs and I haven’t had the healthiest relationship in the past. I’m pretty excited to not feel suicidal when I consume carbs so I’ll try to be smart about it – I’m not going to scarf down veggie subs on the regular. This part is going to be the hardest; my love/hate relationship with carbs is extremely psychological. Suck it, Dr. Atkins!



4 thoughts on “Eat Salad or Die

  1. Found your site via Pinterest and am excited I stepped in at the beginning of your journey 🙂 Good luck in your new diet! I do hope you share the new recipes you find 🙂

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