Simple Smoked Salmon Appetizer

My family loves appetizers. So I always feel nostalgic when I see stuffed mushrooms because my mom makes the best – her secret is making homemade stuffing with sausage. She also makes an awesome cheese spread that is so addictive I once went through a phase of spreading it on white toast then gained five pounds. I have issues with denying myself anything.

We like our snacks too. We always had in the fridge a variety of cheeses, salami, kielbasa, pickles and crackers in questionable quantities. I was the freak kid who preferred olives over cookies. I remember lying on the couch watching Jem eating olives out of a jar with a spoon. I used to drink fucking pickle juice too, so gross. This was the pre booze era, I still drink pickle juice with vodka – cause I’m a lady.

Recently, I’ve developed a penchant for smoked salmon, and Lee’s mother made a snack plate at the cottage similar to what my mother would make only she added smoked salmon, cream cheese, super thin and small pieces of lemon (way smaller than the picture above) finely chopped onions and crackers. You just pile all of it together and face it, rind and all! I might substitute onions with capers because raw onions are disgusting. I also like smoked salmon with spinach dip on rye bread.


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