DIY Wall Art

18 Oct

Um, I’m a total failure. I ruined my Grandmother’s pressure cooker I went on and on about last week by dyeing a piece of shit IKEA pillow case which doesn’t even look good because I used some crappy Walmart dye because I’m a poor person and now the inside of the pot is blue. Genius. There is NO way I’m throwing this pot out. Am I going to die if I use it again? UGH! Anyone who knows me will understand my belief that I’m destined to never own anything of value or appreciation in this lifetime.

Fortunately, I was able to restore my confidence when I painted this for my wall


I wanted to paint geometric shapes directly on my wall but thought I should paint on plywood because I had a feeling I would really like it. The piece of wood cost $10 and I bought wall paint from Home Depot in small test jars which only cost $5 each. I lightened the base colours with white acrylic paint to give the illusion of folding planes. I’m pretty happy with my first attempt and excited to experiment further.

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One Response to “DIY Wall Art”

  1. nina August 11, 2014 at 12:47 PM #

    Do you have further directions or a guide on how to accomplish this?

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