Ferma Sweet Pimemto Paste

I want to share two things today. The first is how glad I am I took my grandmother’s pressure cooker off of my mother’s hands. This thing is a beast. I don’t use it as a pressure cooker because I don’t want to die but it makes an amazing soup/stew pot. The second is how I can’t live without Ferma Sweet Pimemto Paste. If you are Portuguese or know anyone who is Portuguese, this is a staple. A few years ago I met Cathy who took me to her family’s home on São Miguel Island where I tasted the best food in my life. They introduced me to so many extraordinary ways to cook otherwise normal fare (I’m a small town Canadian, enough said) which since then have fused into my own culinary style.

Pimento paste has a distinctive tangy red pepper and salty flavour which I think gives tomato based dishes a cheeky pick me up. Azorean’s also make a mean dipping sauce by adding oil and garlic for potatoes, various veg and meat. Last night I added a few Tbsps to a “whatever is in my fridge” stew: Chorizo sausage, canned tomatoes, red pepper, mushrooms, spinach and shallots – simmer for 30 minutes.  Normal people could eat this with rice or bread but carbs are assholes so I eat it as is.



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