Dollar Store DIY – Neon Frame

I’ve always had a penchant for design. I was actually accepted into the Interior Design program at Humber but innocently selected another avenue when I was 18 and had to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Over the years while successfully delaying adulthood by living with numerous roommates in various cities, I wasn’t able to embrace my love of decorating spaces. As you may know I’ve recently moved into my own place and I’m now decorating a space completely tailored to my style – but this shit is expensive! Also I’ve realized that my style is very……unusual and cheap and unusual don’t exactly go hand in hand.

This frame in my bathroom gets a lot of attention and it was a total fluke. I found the print at the St. Lawrence Antique Market for $10 but was too broke to appropriately frame it, so off to the dollar store I went. I picked out a gold frame and thought I would spray paint it neon yellow but I was lazy that day and didn’t prime the surface so the paint wasn’t adhering well. In my classic lazy frustration I irritably sprayed as much paint as I could in one shot and when it dried it actually looked cool, like vintage neon if that’s a thing.

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