How NOT to Make Sangria

Dot, my childhood art teacher made me the best Sangria I’ve ever had – when I was of age of course. Her recipe is more traditional than current variations: red wine, simple syrup and citrus fruit. And although I’m open to new ideas, I’ve always winced at the sight when others add anything else to it.

My brother’s girl friend made an amazing batch of Sangria over Christmas, adding tropical juice, berries, white wine, liqueur and I believe a papaya concentrate. It was amazing and opened my mind to other possibilities – and then I got a little too creative/not knowing what the hell I was doing.

Jamie came for dinner and wanted to make Sangria. He claimed his recipe is the best, adding gin or other white liquor – and in my habitual nature, I kyboshed the idea suggesting to add bourbon instead. I take full responsibility for this disaster which reminds me of a story I told over the Christmas holidays, because after drinking this concoction, our night went, “next level.”


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