The past two weeks I’ve been packing up my life and getting fat on four cheese Pizza Pockets pounded down with tall cans of PBR – Classy! I’m moving in to my own one bedroom apartment in six days and couldn’t be more excited. Even writing about it plasters a psychotic leer on my face just thinking about all the crafts and decorating that will ensue. I’m crazy for crafts, literally; I scare myself.

I stopped by Wesley’s this week who was casually making coconut encrusted french toast topped with caramelised bananas sans stove – avec butane torch. It was the sexiest gastronomical scene I’ve ever witnessed so we celebrated with a bottle of sparkling vino.

I also learned on March 1st, the Welsh celebrates St. David’s day. I’m still not clear I understood the history lesson I was given after four pints of Strongbow, but these lunatics can party and decorate themselves in daffodils and leeks. I’m just happy to have found another reason to drink.

Jessica really got into it:


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