Will Cook for Sex

Stuck  in the perpetual state of singlehood that I am, I will not be celebrating this day for lovers. Unless Jamie comes over with frozen pizza and a bottle of wine, this lady is staying in. My favourite Valentine’s Day to date was spent with two friends who are dating. They took me out for dinner then we downed shots of whiskey and played drunk Twister in my kitchen. The night proceeded at Wrong Bar dancing with him while his GF engaged in an intense conversation about the art of giving a pearl necklace with a complete stranger.

Preparing meals for men is always best served with a hidden agenda. When I want to impress a male suitor with my culinary skills I always make my Risotto. It pairs well with chicken piccata or mussels in a tangy tomato based sauce, but that’s my commitment dish. If you are looking for a less serious gastronomical impression this Valentine’s Day; steam lobsters and crab legs dipped in drawn butter. Pair it with Kim Crawford, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and serve picnic style. If that doesn’t get you laid or if your lover is allergic to shellfish, I suggest to start looking for another suitor.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Will Cook for Sex

  1. Just between, you, me and the fencepost, men are a bit like fish – same intelligence and interests. If the Crawford isn’t available, try an Astrolabe S/Blanc. Every guy I drank with loved that. There was even this one Italian guy, who after a single mouthful, his eyes went real wide and he started following the pizzeria waitress around. If it’s budget week try St.Clair of same origin and variety – same grapes, second pressing. But not too much too fast and keep an oar handy to stun the more agressive feeders during bite time.

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