Hey Meatball

I was interested in eating at Hey Meatball, and stumbled upon an article in Toronto Life. After schooling myself on the chefs and their concept, I naturally scrolled down to the comments section to find a running history of arguments manifested from some dumb dumb who accuses Hey Meatball of ripping off a meatball shop in New York. There were a few positive comments but mostly everyone was hating on Hey Meatball, their poor quality food, small portions and fat chef.

Dear Haters,

It’s a fucking meatball shop on College St., with $11 entrées, what exactly are you people expecting? Were their meatballs better than my mother’s? Not even close. But I didn’t go into Hey Meatball expecting  to taste the best meatball I’ve ever had in my entire life. Was the mac and cheese subpar? Yes, because homemade mac and cheese is never, ever quite good enough is it?

The meatballs were rich in flavour and firm and the ribs fell off the bone, I actually wished I had more but only because they were delicious; if I wanted a rack of ribs I would have barbecued at home. That being said, I believe the portions are perfect for the price and suit the concept, if you read the article or care to ask the staff. The open concept kitchen/dining area provides a cool and comfortable atmosphere but people stayed way too long after they finished eating. This is not a place to hang.

I was anticipating eating at Hey Meatball for a few months but I didn’t let my imagination ruin my experience by creating expectations of what it should be before I actually went. It is an original concept for Toronto, which is where I live so I don’t give a shit about anywhere else, unless I’m there. I will definitely be going back, but they better be serving beer by then because a lady always prefers a good beer buzz before putting balls in her mouth.


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