PHD (Post Holiday Depression)

Was it just me or did the masses seem to be more keen on Christmas this year than any other? Perhaps the whole impending apocalypse thing could have something to do with it but man, people were jacked! It also seemed like the longest holiday season of my life leaving me presently confused at work trying to remember how to type on a keyboard. To complete this fantastic mood I’m in, I’m once again fat with a serious case of PHD and a totally sketchy starvation buzz because I’ve only eaten an apple and three almonds today.

That being said, it was also the most enjoyable holiday season of my life and I count my blessings every day for the amazing family and friends I am fortunate to have.

I noticed over the holidays that old people eat a lot. It’s cute but I just can’t consume three huge meals and two snacks in one day. I’m in a serious relationship with food so I need to maintain a healthy perception of how much I consume so I don’t food guilt myself because I guilt myself for pretty much everything else I do. I also like to avoid throwing up from overeating. But hey, that’s just me.

Astonishingly, I did not throw this up when my father served it to me for breakfast, twice in three days: Canadian peameal bacon, egg, jalapeno jack cheese, veg, ranch dressing on a bun toasted in garlic butter. Classy.


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