It’s a Grocery Store, Relax Guy

All day yesterday I kept hearing about the new Loblaws that opened at Maple Leaf Gardens.  I really had no interest in this news because I really could not grasp why so much hype was created for a grocery store.  A red carpet, for real? Coincidently, I was going to visit my friend Jamie last night who happens to live around the corner from said Loblaws and was DYING to go. Reluctantly, I met him there and waited in line with a self-righteous look of skepticism on my face.

 Then I saw the wall of cheese

And then the mountain of Parmigiano Reggiano

There is a Teaporium, enormous salad bar and a sit down Dim Sum bar. This place is HUGE and refreshingly quite creatively laid out. Oh, and an LCBO is conveniently located on the second floor. Jamie and I were giddy with excitement and wanted to try everything so we did!

Sometimes the best dinners require no cooking at all. We had French bread with olive oil and balsamic, smoked cheddar, spicy calabrese, asparagus, red potato salad and garlic stuffed green olives. Oh, and lots of wine! Perfection.


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