Donate to your Local Food Bank

My grandmother, Virginia was a saint. Anyone who knew her related or not, would agree. Her endless compassion for others was apparent in her community work, religious beliefs and her genuine understanding that no one should be without love. I was privileged to have a very close relationship with my grandmother. She would take me to numerous community events and knew practically everyone. In her later years I would often be dragged to funerals of people I’ve never met. I found this to be a tad morbid and completely awkward but Virginia paid her respects to everyone – and I mean everyone.

Although I see her in my mother, aunts and cousins she really was one-of-a-kind. She was honest about her childhood and life yet she never complained about anything. She would listen and no matter what you have done, she would never judge you. Her selflessness carried beyond our family and she helped a lot of people in her community.

Among many memories I have as grandma’s little helper, sorting food at the local Food Bank was my fondest. I contribute these memories to my developing interest in Food Banks in the GTA, and I’m finally going to start volunteering this winter season.

The Daily Bread Food Bank, conducts an annual hunger report located here, which contains a lot of interesting and shocking statistics on who uses Food Banks in the GTA. I also recently learned that often volunteers are turned away (unwillingly) because there is simply not enough food to sort.

I’m posting about this because I feel blessed that on this blog, I can write about the food I cook and eat; especially now knowing that too many people in the GTA are struggling for basic needs. I could never be half the charitable woman Virginia was, but in these increasingly difficult times, I can try.

Donate your time, money or food to your local Food Bank!


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