(Not) Born in the USA

My parents live on the St. Clair River, as did my grandparents. The St. Clair divides us from our American neighbours where I spent most of my childhood and have very fond memories of – especially about food. Some of the best Ontario produce comes from this region. The most delicious beefsteak tomatoes come from here which have made me a total tomato snob. I refuse to eat tomatoes out of season and I almost never eat tomatoes from any other region. They are so delicious, I eat them on their own with S&P. The hot house tomatoes make an incredible sauce which I can and use all winter for mussels, soups and simple pasta dishes.

This post was not intended to be about produce. It was supposed to be about a little dive across the river that serves all you can eat deep fried pickerel called – Snoopy’s Dog House.

This place is a dump. There is no sugar coating it. If you have expensive taste and require aesthetic surroundings to enjoy a dining experience, this is NOT the place for you. If you appreciate sitting at an old and dingy bar, playing Keno, drinking huge mugs of beer for $3.50 (USD) watch the owner’s wife deep fry all the fresh pickerel you can handle right in front of you and listen to her yell at the regulars like they are family – then you’ve hit the jackpot. This is Michigan’s finest.

This is where my father and I go together – to bond. Not as strange as it sounds unless you know us. This trip we decided to spend the day shopping as well. We start our day trip taking a ferry trip across the St. Clair.

We then stop for gas and how nice, my father bought breakfast at the gas station! 2 pepperettes and 24 ounces of the coldest beer you have ever tasted for $1.50 – oh, lighten up! 

After a long day of shopping we finally make it to Snoopy’s Dog House. We didn’t want to fill up on all you can eat, so they let us split that deal in two full plates – $4 each. This is amazing pickerel – it’s local and it’s fresh. For me, Snoopy’s is more about the experience. Real food, real people. Oh, and you leave full with a beer buzz for under $15 USD.


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