Summer Updates

The garden has a (depraved) mind of its own this year but I only managed to kill the cayenne pepper plant. There has been no time to weed so I’ve been saying we went for a more rustic look this year. When you’re known for your eccentricities you can pretty much get away with saying anything! I picked the first batch of yellow beans and brought them to a friend’s place who barbequed for me. She is condo sitting in Liberty Village and the enormous wrap around patio overlooking the water reminded me of how poor I am. Nevertheless, it was a lovely evening with steak, dancing, sparkling wine and a hot pink sunset.

I stopped by my all-time favourite burger joint, Super Burger located in Shelburne Ontario, on the way to the cottage – and the way back home. My mother used to bring me here as a child so it’s very nostalgic to visit since I’m never in the area anymore. This visit was extra special because Ethan, had his first Super Burger experience, and half way through scarfing down the massive burger he managed to breathe and say, “this is the best day of my life!” Traditions.

Random ferris wheel in a farmer’s field beside Super Burger:

I hosted a fabulous 1920’s garden party for my birthday:

My father made me a birthday dinner – madness:

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