The Best Thing I Ever Ate

In 2008, I had the privilege to travel with my friend Cathy to her homeland, Sao Miguel, Portugal, one of the nine volcanic Azores Islands. This is where I had the best thing I ever ate. Obvious you might think – but out of all the amazing restaurants and homemade meals I experienced this one particular dish was enjoyed on a terrace in a shopping mall in Ponta Delgada.

Bitoque – a traditional Portuguese dish with steak, egg and potatoes. After a long day of shopping we walked into a restaurant on the top floor of the mall. The interior was trendy and modern but wanting to enjoy the beautiful day we sat on the terrace over looking the ocean. At almost any point on the island you can see the Atlantic Ocean. It’s absolutely surreal.

I’m a HUGE gravy nerd and the Portuguese know what they are doing. This pan gravy is slightly thick and super tangy. It generously covers a moderately thin steak and seeps through the bottom flesh of layered potatoes. To top off the dish sits a fried egg; bleed the yolk, grab some bread, a small bottle of wine (to yourself) that serves two glasses and look at the sun setting on the ocean while your taste buds say, “hey, why have you been holding out on us?”



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