My friends often ask me what the secret to good cooking is but I’ve never considered myself a good cook. In fact, most people are shocked when I admit I don’t even like cooking that much. I like the idea of food: the aroma, textures, cultures, colours, combining flavours, presentation and of course, consumption. I believe a good cook is one who is gastronomically inclined. Someone who extensively studies ingredients and food culture is someone who will amaze you with a “pantry dish” they whipped up from the top of their head using only a few ingredients on hand.

I developed my interest in food 10 years ago but have only recently felt more comfortable with my culinary skills to create recipes on my own. I believe confidence in anything you do comes naturally, if you know your subject well. This being said, my recipes are always simple! Not too many ingredients and I rarely ever use dried herbs.

To develop any skill you must study the craft. I am constantly reading about food and drink – methods and trends. I often make mistakes but I’m persistent to learn; for example, my risotto recipe which took two years to perfect. My first attempt was awful.  So was the salmon I served with it. So awful in fact, we abandoned the catastrophe and went out for noodles. What was the reason for that epic risotto fail? I had no idea what risotto was.

There are still many things on my “Food Fail List” I am still trying to perfect so I hope this gives you comfort in knowing there are no secrets to cooking, it’s just a matter of interest, practice and a little bit of heart.

Food Fail:

  • How to pan fry a steak.
  • How to make my mother’s meatballs – UGH! 10 year fail.
  • Scrambled eggs. Really.
  • I have never once made a good stir fry.  Perplexing.
  • My hamburgers are awful.
  • I suck at chopping onions.
  • How to make a Rue. 
  • I can’t bake – anything 
  • I am happy to announce I made some pretty kickass homemade soups this winter, new win! 

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