The Counter: Review

Located at 550 Wellington on the corner of Bathurst, The Counter serves as a 24 hour diner, below the Thompson Hotel. With an exterior mimicking a classic 50’s diner, how could this girl refuse? The menu was predictable and pricey for its contents. $10 for a hotdog – I sadly declined.

Being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the almighty, Reuben Sandwich; I long for the sharp tang of sauerkraut and its pastrami juices running down my arms. Melted Swiss cheese binding my contentment held between two pieces of greasy, fried Rye. (I really like Reuben Sandwiches.) But to my disappointment this Sammy was not greasy, nor was it fried – it was grilled, dry!

The boy had a Guiness Shake for dessert which was the highlight of his experience. As I simply admired the atmosphere and friendly service while entirely wishing I ordered the Double Mac & Cheese.


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